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Roadside Assistance and Towing in McAllen, TX


Have you had a breakdown or accident? Do you need a wrecker servicetowing services, or roadside assistance? If you’re looking for a tow truck or mobile mechanic in McAllen, Texas, you’ve come to the right place!

Our Services
When you choose McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance, you’re choosing a company that specializes in any and all types of problem you may have with your vehicle or semi truck. Many problems happening on the road can be fixed without even needing a tow truck. Our 24 hour mechanic on staff has saved our customers thousands of dollars and hours of time by repairing or replacing whatever broke with their vehicle!

Additionally, if you’re a semi-truck driver and are unfortunate to have your 18 wheeler break down, our 24 hour diesel mechanic can come to your rescue! Our guys excel at diagnosing engine trouble very quickly, and can get you and your time sensitive freight back on the road in not time at all!

About Us
As the premier towing company in McAllen, our enthusiastic team of mechanics and technicians are experienced in dealing with pretty much whatever the road can throw at us. Whether you’ve had a minor accident, come off the road, suffered a breakdown at the office, or simply run out of fuel, we can help. Our mobile mechanic service is here to help you get on the way again if you have got locked out of your car, need a jump start, or have run out of fuel on the roadside.

Not all roadside car problems can be solved on the road and if we can’t get you back on the road right away, we can offer a fast and cheap towing service to get you to a mechanic and source the parts needed to fix you up. If you need towing and roadside assistance in McAllen, Texas or beyond, get in touch today!

Emergency Help Available
As a professional roadside service company, we know better than anyone the importance of providing you and your vehicle with fast, 24/7 support. Most likely, you don’t have time to wait around on the road and you need someone skilled at diagnosing and fixing vehicle problems to come to your help right away.

Additionally, as a company serving the Rio Grand Valley, almost all of our staff speak fluent English and Spanish. No matter what problem you are having, we can come to your rescue today!


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Our Services

​The great team here at McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance offers a full range of towing and roadside assistance services, including fast towing, mobile mechanic and help if you have run out of fuel or have a dead car battery. Whatever is wrong with your vehicle, we will come to your help – and if we can’t fix it we can tow your car to a mechanic to be fully repaired.

We understand that getting in an accident, running off the side of the road, or having your vehicle break down unexpectedly is never a fun experience. What makes it worse is you’re usually in a hurry somewhere and the last thing you need as a set back is vehicle trouble. If this has happened to you, and you’re in need of a towing company that can help you any time of day or night, give us a call at 956-265-3930.

Roadside Assistance in McAllen

Our mobile mechanic can help if you’ve been locked out of your car, if your car won’t start because you need a jump start, or if a minor accident means you’re stuck on the side of road. We can dispatch help immediately, and will do everything we can to get you moving again right away.

However, there are always some problems which can’t be dealt with at the roadside – maybe because they need a special part, or heavy equipment. In that case we can recommend a local mechanic and tow you there to have repairs completed.

We seek to provide our customers with best towing and roadside service company in the McAllen area. If you need help and need it fast, call us right away. As soon as you call we will do whatever we can to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

McAllen Towing Services

If you need fast towing, or a 24/7 towing service in McAllen, Texas, you’ve come to the right company. We have a fully staffed towing and wrecker service that can move all kinds of cars, vans, trucks and even fully loaded semis to a location to get your vehicle fixed.

Whether you’ve had an accident or breakdown and need an urgent wrecker service, you have a commercial parking lot and need a car towed, or you’ve got an old vehicle to be scrapped and need a tow truck to come to your property, we can help.

Give us a call today to see why we are known for fast response times and a reliable service every time.

Mobile Mechanic

McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance can come to your vehicle’s location to help with a range of minor repairs and other issues with your car. Some services we offer include onside oil changes, check your car’s fluid levels, replace your flat tire, jump start your vehicle and provide reassurance your vehicle is safe to drive to a mechanic.

As vehicles grow increasingly complex, fewer and fewer people feel comfortable working on their own vehicle. We understand this concern and agree if you have any doubts or concerns about your vehicle, you should give us a call. Our professional mobile auto mechanics can quickly come to your vehicle’s location and provide you with a variety of mobile mechanic services to meet your needs.

If you’ve locked your keys into the car or need a jump start on your driveway for example, we can make an immediate appointment to come and assist. And of course, if the problem can’t be fixed at home, we will tow your vehicle to a nearby mechanic for a repair.

Mobile Diesel Mechanic in McAllen TX

In addition to helping our customers with roadside vehicle repairs and light duty towing, we can provide our customers with semi-truck towing and mobile diesel mechanic in McAllen. As the electronics and mechanics of diesel trucks get more complex, its getting harder and harder for owner-operators or other diesel truck drivers to repair their own trucks. In times past a truck driver could diagnose and usually fix a range of issues causing their truck to break down on the road. However, today many truck drivers like to call professional help to review and fix their diesel truck problems.

At McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance we have a dedicated mobile diesel mechanic with a truck load of tools and diagnostic machines to fix many of the common repairs diesel trucks need on the road. Whether your engine is overheating, your air intake seems low, your engine seems low on power or any other type of problem you’re having, give our diesel mechanics a call today!

Fuel Delivery

It’s inconvenient and embarrassing, but running out of fuel on the road is something that happens to many of us. If you’re driving a rental car, or in an unfamiliar area you might get caught out by a shortage of gas stations, and find yourself in a tricky spot. Along interstate 2 people run out of gas very frequently because gas stations are few and far between.

Not everyone carries around an extra gallon or two of gas with them for a time when they’ve ran out of gas. If this is you, have no fear. No matter the day or time, we can provide emergency roadside assistance and help. Our fuel delivery service can get gas to you quickly wherever you are in our area, to have you moving again. Get in touch with us today for 24 hour emergency help and service.

Jump Starts and Dead Batteries

There are a large number of reasons your vehicle may not start. A dead battery is by far one of the most common ones. Without a sufficiently charged batter, it doesn’t matter how much your hope or wish your vehicle to start, it just won’t.

You might need a jump start if your battery has accidentally discharged and you find that nothing at all happens when you turn the ignition in your car. This could be because your battery has a fault, or more often, because electrical items have been left on in the car overnight and caused the battery to run down.

As everyone knows, children are especially good at “forgetting” to turn off the car lights after leaving your van or car. Wherever you are in our service area, we can come to you and help with a battery jump start.

Flatbed Towing Services

Flatbed towing is used in certain recovery situations when a car has had damage to the axle. It’s also the safest way to transport your vehicle for long distance towing, and may also be the most convenient option if a vehicle can be safely driven or winched onto the flatbed for towing.

One reason flatbed towing is better for your vehicle because it can prevent additional wear and tear on your tires and suspension. Having your vehicle towed behind a large truck isn’t what vehicles were designed for.

We will assess if flatbed towing is right for you when you contact us, and can send a flatbed truck to you right away to help. Even before one of our team members arrives, we will begin to assess and diagnose the problem you’re having with your vehicle. This always helps our mechanic or towing professional respond and help as quickly as possible.

Get in touch now to have a crew with you as soon as possible.

Contact Us For Immediate Help

If you have an emergency situation, such as a breakdown or accident in a dangerous or remote location – especially if you’re traveling with children, please call us right away. Our 24/7 towing service will be with you as soon as possible to help.

When you call our number, we’ll immediately begin working with you to diagnose and understand the problem your automobile, semi-truck or motorcycle is having. We may ask you to explain what you were doing before your car broke down so we can better understand what type of help we need to send.

Unlike other towing companies in McAllen, we have a full service mobile mechanic and mobile diesel mechanic on-staff. These highly trained automotive technicians are experienced at dealing with some of the worst problems that cause vehicles to break down on the roadside.

If you need help for a less urgent matter – maybe you need flatbed towing to remove an old or abandoned vehicle from your property, for example, you can also head over to the contact page and drop us a message by email.

No matter the time of day or type of roadside assistance or towing work you need completed, give McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance a call. We are here to help get your vehicle back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. When you give us a call, we know you’ll be 100% satisfied with our tow truck services.

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