Flatbed Towing

McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance has a great fleet of tow trucks and wreckers which can be used for all jobs, including flatbed towing. Flatbed towing is sometimes the only option to move a damaged vehicle which has come off the road and now can not be safely driven.

But flatbed towing is often easier, and safer both for the vehicle and other road users, than traditional hook and chain towing. If we think flatbed towing is the best option when you call in your particular towing need, we will let you know.

What Is Flatbed Towing?
Flatbed towing takes a different approach to traditional hook and chain tow trucks. While regular tow trucks lift only one end of the car up, leaving the back wheels on the ground while being towed, a flatbed truck allows all 4 wheels of the towed vehicle to be off the road.

The damaged vehicle is driven or winched onto the flatbed of the truck and strapped into place for safety. It can then be moved. McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance has a range of towing vehicles and can dispatch the right one for your situation, no matter what the problem.

What Are The Benefits Of Flatbed Towing?
Flatbed towing is usually used if the vehicle has been in an accident and sustained damage to the axle. In this case, or with a broken axle, traditional towing simply won’t work. A flatbed offers a stable surface for the vehicle being towed and can help to prevent any further damage once it has been picked up.

If your car is in a vulnerable state after an accident, it could sustain further damage while being towed, for example, with accidental damage to the bumper if the tow truck hit a bump or hole in the road. This won’t happen with a flatbed truck, making it a popular choice.

Flatbed Towing – The Safest Option
When you talk to our call handlers about the problem you have, they’ll help to assess the situation and decide which of our fleet of tow trucks we will dispatch. Sometimes a flatbed tow service is the most convenient option, especially, if your vehicle car can be driven up onto the trailer.

However, we may also choose a flatbed for safety reasons. While a hook and chain style of tow truck can mean the towed vehicle swings out behind the tow truck, especially on uneven ground or in bad conditions, this won’t happen with a flatbed.

Our operators are safety conscious, and we will consider the conditions and enhanced safety of flatbeds when deciding whether or not to use this to tow your vehicle.

Our Flatbed Towing Service
McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance will dispatch the best of our large fleet of towing vehicles depending on your situation. If a flatbed tow is the best choice, we will get a crew on the way to you immediately.

Make sure you give our call handlers as much information as possible, including where your car is and what condition it is in, so we can choose the right equipment to send to you.

​We are proud of our service record and our fast response times – but don’t take our word for it – check out the comments from previous customers, available on our website’s home page.


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