Vehicle Jump Start

As you might already know, a jump start works by getting your engine going, kicking your battery into life if it has discharged entirely by accident. You can think of it as a little like using a defibrillator. Your battery might discharge for a number of reasons.

Often it’s a simple accident, such as interior car lights left on overnight. Other times, there might be a fault which means the battery is failing and although a jump start might help temporarily, you’ll ultimately need a new battery in time. Either way, if your battery is flat and your vehicle is stuck, give us a call for a jump start to get you on your way. 

When Does A Jump Start Work?
You might want to jump start your car if it won’t start because the battery has discharged and is now completely dead. You’ll know that’s the case if you get into the car, turn the ignition, and nothing whatever happens. On the other hand, if you can hear the engine trying to start when you turn the key, then jump starting isn’t going to help at all.

The battery is not the issue, and you’ll need a mechanic to come and assess the problem to figure out what’s wrong. In either case, a member of the helpful team here at McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance will be happy to help.

Why Do I Have A Flat Battery?
It’s a common problem – and there are some fairly common mistakes which can cause a flat battery. In our experience a flat battery is most often caused by electrical items such as interior lights being left on in the car overnight. You might also run into issues by leaving the radio playing, or items charging inside the car.

That said, it is not always human error – batteries do need to be changed from time to time, and you might find that your battery discharges if it’s getting old, or if you have a faulty alternator diode. Regular maintenance checks should be done to make sure your battery is in good condition.

When Not To Jump Start A Vehicle 
Although it’s usually pretty simple to jump start a vehicle and get it moving again, it’s not a smart idea to try to jump start a car where the battery is in someway damaged or decayed. It is not likely to work, might cause further damage to the car.

If your car has stood for a long time unused, or if you’re in any doubt about the health of the battery, get a professional in to assess the situation and give you a helping hand. Our team at McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance is waiting for your call!

Our Jump Start Service
Wherever your car is stranded in our McAllen service area, in your home, workplace or even a shopping mall parking lot, we can come and lend a hand getting you moving. It is possible in some cases to jump start your car without a mechanic, using a friend or neighbor’s car. However, don’t try this if you don’t know how to use jump leads safely.

Give us a call instead. We can help confirm that the battery is the reason your car won’t start, ensure that a jump start can be done safely on your vehicle, and get you going again. If for whatever reason we cannot get your vehicle jump started, one of our flat bed tow trucks can take your car where it needs to go.


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