Our Services

McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance offers everything you need when it comes to towing and roadside assistance. Whether it is an emergency and you need fast towing or a mobile mechanic right away – or you have a routine problem like a scrap vehicle which needs a wrecker service, we can help.

We are proud to cover the whole Rio Grand Valley area, and because previous clients often make word of mouth recommendations to their friends, we also have a client base stretching far beyond that.

Our services include a fuel delivery service if you’ve run out on the road, and we can send a locksmith to your location if you’re locked out of your car, or your car won’t start or needs a jump start.

If you experience a breakdown and find yourself stuck on the side of road, our roadside assistance crew will come to assess the issue. We will get you moving as soon as possible – and if it’s impossible to repair your car at the roadside, we will provide a 24 hour towing service to get you to a mechanic as soon as possible.

The most common services we offer here in McAllen are as follows:

If you need emergency support, or cheap towing, get in touch. However, we also offer a broad range of connected services, so if you’re not sure whether or not we can help, it’s always a good idea to give us a call. To learn more about the towing and roadside assistance services we offer, check out the client testimonials which you can find here on our website.


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