Roadside Assistance

McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance offer roadside assistance if you need some help to get your vehicle moving again. We can perform minor roadside repairs where it is safe and possible to do so, and if there is an issue which can not be immediately rectified we can take you and your vehicle to a mechanic, using a flatbed tow truck, or wrecker. Our skilled mobile mechanics will be with you quickly to help, whatever the issue. Give us a call if you need roadside assistance, now.

Minor Roadside Repairs
If you have had a breakdown or small accident and you are worried about your vehicle, give us a call. We can have a roadside crew to you quickly to assess the issue and perform minor roadside repairs such as changing out tires, checking and refilling your vehicle’s fluids, or bringing a new battery to your vehicle.

There are always some things which we can not fix on the roadside, either because the area is not safe to work, or because a repair needs a special part or equipment. In this case we have a 24 hour tow service to get you to a mechanic who can repair the problem as quickly as possible.

Roadside Assistance After An Accident
If you have had a minor accident, you might need some small repairs, or simply some reassurance that your car is still safe to drive. Give us a call and we can come to help. Simply tell the operator what has happened and we can help you assess what service you need, and come and review your vehicle if necessary.

If your car can’t be driven, or needs to be taken to a mechanic to be assessed for insurance purposes, we will bring our tow truck service to take you to a local car mechanic for immediate help. Get in touch with us now to see if we can help.

Dealing With Blowouts And Flat Tires
It’s certainly great to know how to change a tire, but there are still some situations where it is not smart to do so – such as being stuck on the roadside on a busy road like US Interstate 2 or US Interstate 69c. In this case it’s safer to have a professional change the tire for you, as they can assess the situation and decide if it’s better to tow the car to safety first.

While flat tires can be easily sorted out – tire blowouts cause thousands of accidents in the US every year. If you have a tire blowout while driving, stop immediately, and call us. We can come to replace the tire and check that the blowout did not cause any other damage to your car.

Our Roadside Assistance Service
We are proud that people have told us that McAllen Towing & Roadside Assistance are among the best in the towing business in McAllen, Texas. We have fast response times, and an excellent team made up of experienced mechanics and technicians who are used to dealing with roadside issues.

​Whatever the problem with your car, chances are we have seen it before, and we will do everything to help in even the most tricky situations. We hope you’ll never need out roadside assistance service – but if you do suffer a breakdown, we will be there for you.


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